Website of the Week:  St Francis of Assisi

October 3, 2021

4th October is the feast of St Francis of Assisi.

By any earthly standard, his life was a failure. He had to resign as the head of the Order he founded, as his followers rejected his teaching of absolute poverty.

His peacekeeping efforts, when he travelled to the Holy Land and crossed the border to engage in talks with the Sultan of Egypt, failed.

His deathbed was attended by only two or three friends.

Yes, his legacy is incalculable and completely current.

As we end the month-long Season of Creation, we celebrate the patron saint of ecology.

An hour-long documentary based on Donald Spoto’s acclaimed biography, St Francis of Assisi: Reluctant Saint, strips away the legends from the life of Francis of Assisi to reveal the true story of a man who has too often been obscured by pious iconography. Watch it at