Planned Giving Program

What is Planned Giving?

As the Canadian Association of Gift Planners defines it; “Planned Giving is the donor-centered process of planning charitable gifts, whether current or future gifts, that meets philanthropic goals and balances personal, family, and tax considerations.”

Planned Giving is not a specific campaign. It is not a short run campaign for a specific cause, but rather a method of fundraising with emphasis on building long term relationships with its prospects and donors as well as its use of specific gift giving vehicles.

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A Planned Giving Program For Catholics

The Diocese of Charlottetown has introduced a Planned Giving Program so that it can fulfill its important role in the community. The works of the Catholic Church in our region must continue and grow both for today’s needs as well as for those of future generations.

The following options, which cover present and deferred donations, are now available. We suggest you discuss any potential gifts with your financial advisors to ensure you will receive the expected benefit.