Marriage Encounter

Who is this for?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has touched the lives of all kinds of people: newly married couples, great grandparents, childless couples, and parents of large families. Marriage Encounter is for people who are working and living in good marriages but want more.

About the Weekend

The weekend is simple and positive but it is not a retreat. It is not a marriage clinic. It is not a counselling session. It is not a sensitivity group.

The weekend is a special time for husbands and wives to be away from the distractions of the world, together. During the weekend, you have a chance to talk, to listen, and to focus on each other and your marriage. It is a totally private experience for the couple. There are no group discussions.

When is the next weekend?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends are scheduled in the three Atlantic provinces, about once a year in each province.

For some more information and a registration form click on the following link:

Marriage Encounter Q&A and Registration Form