Latin American Mission Program

Click on the image below for the Annual Report from the June 14, 2020 Annual Meeting


The Latin American Mission Program began in 1967 in response to the Second Vatican Council call to share church personnel with developing countries, especially Latin America.

Aims and Proposes:

  • Sending out and receiving back missionaries
  • Learning from the dispossessed and oppressed, both at home and in the developing countries, and standing with them in the building of a society of justice.
  • Developing and encouraging a Faith response based on the life and struggle of dispossessed peoples.
  • Participating in “return mission” by:
    • working with groups who are committed to social justice in Canada.
    • developing education programs in PEI which analyze the causes of exploitation of the poor and which expose the reality of their lives.
  • For Further Information please read “Intro to L.A.M.P” in PDF format here: Intro to L.A.M.P.
  • The 2016 Annual Report of the Chair from L.A.M.P.’s Annual General Meeting in PDF format is here: ANNUAL REPORT OF THE CHAIR JUNE 12, 2016
  • The 2017 Annual Report of the Chair from L.A.M.P.’s Annual General Meeting: click here LAMP Annual Report for 2017

Dominican Republic Faith & Justice Experience for Young Adults

Latin America Mission Program offers a challenging, first-hand experience on how most of the world’s population live. If you are a youth* (or young at heart), consider participating in the Dominican Republic Faith & Justice Experience.

* Must be 18 years of age by time of departure.


LAMP is open to receiving requests from people of faith to experience the living reality of poor people in the exploited South. Six months to a year is the suggested time to spend with impoverished people and learn from them how to best be in solidarity with their struggle for justice and life. The mission country is the Dominican Republic, where Spanish is the language of the people. If you think you may be called to this mission, take a step forward and contact us at LAMP. « » 902-368-7337.

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Ryan MacRae Departs for the Dominican Republic

From Left to Right: Terry MacKinnon, Valerie MacRae (Ryan’s mom), Ryan MacRae, Marie Burge, and Joe Byrne

In February, 2017 Fr. Eddie Cormier visited the Dominican Republic:

Click on Fr. Eddie’s Birthday Picture for all of the photos.

Fr. Eddie’s Birthday so He gets the first portion of the cake