To talk to someone about vocations please contact our vocation director Fr. Augustine Ignasimuthu:

The Church needs good priests, holy priests, in every generation.

In the Diocese of Charlottetown Fr. Augustine Ignasimuthu is the Vocation Director.

He is open to speak to any parish group or individual about vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

To  contact Fr. Augustine at his parish office during regular working hours Phone: 902-583-2095

or by E-Mail: itaugustine@gmail.com

And remember always pray for your priests and pray that all young people will be guided by the Holy Spirit to the way of life that will bring them the most joy.



Useful Websites:
Canadian Vocations Website: www.vocations.ca

Our former Vocations Director, Fr. George Gilliland, wrote this letter which is still worth reading:

Greetings, reader!

This is the photo of an ad in the diocesan newspaper from when Bishop Barber of Oakland, California was a kid. He told us on the retreat he cut it out and carried it with him in his wallet for 40 years until it finally disintegrated. Very inspiring! Courtesy of Fr Stephen Schultz