Website of the Week: Sacred Space

October 10, 2021

interior of old islamic palace with ornamental dome

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21 years ago, two Irish Jesuits were quick to appreciate the potential of the Internet as a force for digital evangelization when they started a website as a Lenten experiment in offering guided prayer online.  

The experiment extended far beyond Lent, going from strength to strength.

Today, the global phenomenon that is “Sacred Space” is among the top most-visited prayer websites in the world.

It attracts 18,000 visitors a day, of all Christian faiths and none from around the globe, praying at their computers, on their laptops, tablets or smartphones, in 22 languages.

The site guides the visitor through a session of prayer, in six stages, including preparing your body and mind, and culminating in reflection on a scripture passage chosen specially for the day.

This is a wonderful use of the Internet and can be visited at