We Can and Must Do Much Better

October 14, 2020

Your Eminences / Your Excellencies,

On Monday 5 October the Federal Government re-introduced Bill C-7 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying). As you will recall, this Bill, among other things, seeks to expand euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada to those whose deaths are not “reasonably foreseeable.”

For your information and possible distribution in your diocese/eparchy, please find attached in French and English a joint ecumenical and interfaith statement coordinated by the CCCB in opposing Bill C-7. In addition to having been approved by the Executive Committee, it has been endorsed by over 50 religious leaders and organizations from across Canada.

In addition to the efforts by religious leaders, over the past several months, the CCCB General Secretariat has brought together and held meetings with disability advocates, physicians and legal professionals in order to address common concerns raised by Bill C‑7 from a variety of perspectives. As a fruit of these meetings and over the coming days, each group will be releasing individual statements so as to highlight how their own constituents would be impacted by Bill C‑7, if it passes into law.

While each statement will have a number of signatories, the following individuals/organizations have worked most closely with the CCCB as representatives of the different perspectives:

Disability: Council of Canadians with Disabilities (Dr. Heidi Janz)

Medical: Canadian Physicians for Life (Ms. Nicole Scheidl and Dr. Sephora Tang)

Legal: Christian Legal Fellowship (Mr. Derek Ross)

Religious: Rabbi Dr. Reuven P. Bulka, the Canadian Council of Imams, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada, as well as the CCCB.

You are likewise invited to share with the CCCB General Secretariat (gensec@cccb.ca) any initiatives or statements undertaken by your diocese/eparchy on Bill C-7 in order that these in turn may be posted on the CCCB website and could be of help and inspiration to other dioceses/eparchies as well.

You may also consider recommending to your diocesan/eparchial faithful that they contact their local MPs to express their concerns.

Finally, besides this ecumenical and interfaith initiative, the CCCB General Secretariat is working on a short Statement of the CCCB itself which should be available next week.

Sincerely yours in Jesus with Mary,

Msgr. Frank Leo, Jr. General Secretary

To read the full statement in English click here:

For the full statement in French click here:

For more documents click here: http://dioceseofcharlottetown.com/bill-c-7-from-maid-to-mad/