Stockings4LIFE 2021

November 18, 2021

A Letter from Pat About the Stockings4Life Campaign:

Any woman who has delivered or who has adopted a baby in 2021 is eligible to be nominated to receive a Stocking4Life. Nominations are to be sent to You may also call me at 902-894-5473.

Each stocking costs about $50 by the time we stuff it and hand-deliver it. We travel to each woman and personally say thank you to her for her gift of LIFE. Last year it was a tremendous success and gave great joy to 45 new moms. This year we are hoping to deliver 200.

The Stocking contains: Christmas socks for her and baby to keep toes warm, hand cream so the hand of a mother’s discipline is soft, chocolates so the hard days of mothering are sweeter, a gold chocolate coin so that she never run out of money, and a mini-smores kits so that joy and fun are always part of life. We also added this year a PEI Life Bib for baby. We also send a personal card letting her know who nominated her and why she is a PEI Powermom.

Should you have any questions, please give me a call! Thank you for your help in this.

Yours for LIFE,

Pat (902-894-5473)