Sisters of St. Martha Moved To A New Location (On Your Computers)

February 3, 2020

The Sisters of St. Martha of PEI have recently changed their website to and the old site has been closed down.

Please visit the new site to see what the sisters are doing and change your bookmarks so you can find us again in our new internet location.

Who are the Sisters of St. Martha of Prince Edward Island? We are a community of women who have accepted the call to follow Jesus Christ in Religious life and give witness to God’s life-giving love in our apostolic mission.

What is the Vision of the Sisters of St. Martha? Grounded in the spirituality of St. Martha and reverencing God in all creation, we, the Sisters of St. Martha of Prince Edward Island, dare to risk being prophetic. Rekindled in our charism, we strive to embrace diversity among us as we extend hospitality toward all creation.

What is the Spirit of the Sisters of St. Martha? Our Spirit is Love and Service, “AMOR ET LABOR”, in response to the call for justice viewed in the signs of the times.

Why do women choose this lifestyle? We choose this lifestyle because we are aware of the call to be prophetic and to make visible in today’s world, God’s love and compassion. ​

What is required to be a Sister of St. Martha? A desire to answer the invitation of Christ, “Come follow me”, and to live in community.

You can find us now at