Reconciliation with the Indigenous Peoples

December 17, 2021

Through this Advent season, we have also turned our attention to another journey, that of the Indigenous delegation to Rome to meet with Pope Francis.

The First Nations, Métis and Inuit survivors, elders, knowledge keepers, leaders, and youth were scheduled to be in Rome right now, with meetings with Pope Francis already under way.

The encounter had been in the planning for three years, but the pandemic has caused one delay after another – and we find ourselves yet again in the waiting mode.

But this waiting, just as in the season of Advent, needn’t and shouldn’t be a passive waiting; it can be a time of expectation, preparation, and transformation.

We trust that God can turn all things to good, and the delay itself can serve as a reminder that the path to reconciliation and right relationships is long, with forks on the road, bumps and detours.

The walking together is more important than any particular destination along the way, and living this particular moment as faithfully and generously as possible is the task the Lord has given us.