Native American Catholics Speak Up About Their Faith

September 13, 2021

Auspiciously, likely prompted by the Holy Spirit, the Knights of Columbus completed earlier this year a timely documentary on the rich legacy of the Catholic faith among Indigenous communities in North America. Part of the Knights’ Faith Formation and Native Solidarity Initiatives, the documentary inspires a deeper appreciation for the spiritual and cultural gifts of Native American Catholics, a greater understanding of the wrongs inflicted upon them by the policies of the past, and a sense of hope at how Native American Catholics continue to live out their faith today. Above all, it offers a missing piece to the greater story of Catholicism in North America and a beautiful example of how Christ reveals himself through the uniqueness of every culture.

As we embark on a new pastoral year, we invite you and your diocesan community to help share the word on this documentary. The film is now freely available and accessible to all at For persons who prefer to have and own their own DVD version of the documentary, it is now available for purchase at

Enduring Faith is perfect for a “movie night” with the family or a small parish or community group.

To help you share the news, we’ve produced texts, ads and social media posts that can be easily pasted or included in your emails, parish bulletins, social media accounts, newsletters and websites. They are all in the Dropbox link and available for use. You will also find a Facts & Discussion Guide that offers questions for group discussion and topics for further study.

Documentaries such as Enduring Faith, which meet the highest standards of production quality,provide a focal point around which we can speak about topics of importance to the lives of the faithful, the work of our Church in the world and, most importantly, encourages persons, particularly Catholic men, to consider what they can do to better live their faith at home, work or within their parish and community. Please remember the Knights are open to all practicing Catholic men who wish to lead better lives. They can learn more at

Thank you for your help in spreading the word. We believe your time and energy to do so will yield great fruit.

Remember the link to share is I am available at any point in time should you wish to discuss the documentary.

Be assured of our continued prayers – personally and collectively – for you, the work you do and the persons you help in your communities.


Mary Moniz

Torchia Communications