Climate Change Film from Vatican:

November 13, 2022

New Pilgrim Path’s featured
website this week
is chosen in the context of the
COP27 climate change summit, currently taking
place in Egypt. First published in 2015, Laudato si’
became a rare papal encyclical that permeated
mainstream discourse. It hit a nerve and became a
global sensation. It also gave rise to the Laudato si’
Movement, which has now
produced a new film called ‘The
Letter – A message for our
Voices from the peripheries
are usually ignored in global
summits and environmental
decision-making, typically dominated by powerful
corporate interests. Rather than the policy
decisions of those in power, the 80-minute feature
film focuses on how people at the grassroots level
can bring about change. In the movie, a diverse
group of climate activists, Indigenous people and
scientists meet with Pope Francis to dialogue about
the environment. Watch this compelling film at: