Chair’s Annual Report for the Latin American Mission Program (LAMP)

June 15, 2020

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you to the generous people of the Charlottetown Diocese for their continued support of our diocesan mission program through the annual Share Lent collection.

Thank you to our sisters and brothers of the global south who continue to share their experiences with us, continuing to open our eyes to the injustices of the world, and teaching us a true collective spirit of response & action that we can take to these injustices.

Thank you to our partner organizations and members, who are filled with the giving spirit of offering a voice, their time, and support when it is needed most. The light is there in the darkness and together we can amplify it.

Upon reflection during these challenging times for all, we are reminded that more then ever we do NOT want things to return to ‘normal’ after this global pandemic ends.

So many people have been left outside peripheries of society, not able to makes ends meet, provide for themselves, and survive in this world. We believe that an actionable response is the implementation of a Basic Guaranteed Income (BIG) for all and so we will continue to lobby for its existence. Together we can make this happen.

Scott J. Smith

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