Bulletin Announcements November 18 to 28

November 18, 2021

Now that you know about World Youth Day, how will you celebrate?   There are lots of ways: support youth ministry initiatives in your parish (catechism counts).   Chat with young people who come to Mass.   Pray for the young people in your community.   Stay up to date on youth events happening in your parish and in the Diocese (follow us @Diocese of Charlottetown Youth Office).   Keep the youthful spirit alive!

Did you know there have been fourteen international World Youth Days since 1985? International World Youth Day Gatherings take place every two to three years and draw millions of young people from around the world for prayer, catechesis, and fellowship. Important events are the Days in the Diocese, a prayer vigil, and Mass with the Pope. The next one is being organized in Lisbon in August 2023.

Development and Peace-Caritas Canada invites you to join in its Fall Action, People and Planet First, by signing an online petition at www.devp.org/en/campaign/people-planet-first/take-action/ .  You can sign online or download it and collect 25 signatures to present to your MP. Each petition requires only a signature and postal code. It calls on the House of Commons to adopt human rights and environmental due diligence legislation establishing a legal right for people who have been harmed by Canadian mining companies to seek justice in Canadian courts.  For further information, call 902-969-2693.

Say THANK You to a new mom or “new-again mom” this Christmas! We are richer for every child born on PEI and their Gift of LIFE to us! Nominate any woman who has had, or who has adopted, a baby in 2021 for our Christmas Stocking4LIFE. Let us know by Dec 15 why you think she is the best and how we can contact her. PEI Life will deliver a Stocking4LIFE with goodies for her and baby before Christmas. Email: nominations@peilife.org or call Pat 902-894-5473.