11 small ways you can help mend the world

June 19, 2022

“There is much in the world that needs mending.”

There are signs that our society is unwell, with polarization and anger sizzling under the surface of our discourse.

The problems of the world feel big and overwhelming.

And we can look to big things to rescue us: national elections, a revolution, widespread revival, the apocalypse.

Yet most of us, in our limited spheres, must learn to embrace small practices of repair. These practices, though small, are profoundly significant.

They are the tiny threads that weave a society where, as Dorothy Day said, “it is easier for people to be good.”

“11 small ways we can help mend the world” is written by New York Times journalist, Tish Harrison Warren, an American Anglican priest. She presents small and practical ways that anyone can use to practice repair. Access them here: www.newpilgrimpath.ie.