The Basilica’s Fixed Link ?

August 9, 2018

Mr. Peter Rukavina, noted PEI public personality and scholar, sent us this email today:

“Last summer, one Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on Queen Street eating my lunch and two older gentleman came and sat down beside me.

We were in view of the building that houses the Gahan House, and they talked about how, after its life as a convent, they had both lived there when it was a rooming house.

The Gahan House on the right, walls of the Basilica on the left of this photo

They both were absolutely certain that there was an underground tunnel that connected the building with the Basilica, or perhaps with the Bishop’s Palace. Or perhaps with both.

Do you know if there’s any truth to this?

Thanks, Peter Rukavina, Charlottetown”

This sounds like a job for Catherine Hennessey, Fr. Art O’Shea and the ghost of Fr. Frank Bolger!.

Can anybody help Mr. Rukavina out? Real facts are appreciated but a good story, third hand, from a deceased relative also is welcome as part of the Folklore of the Island Way of Life.

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