Diocesan News

Busy? Here’s A Lent Retreat For You!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/143666619016417/permalink/3614189465297431/ Continue your Lenten journey with the Busy Students Retreat.Take about 30 minutes of quiet time each day – whenever it’s convenient for you – to reflect on scripture. And … Read More

Our Deacon Walter Flynn Gets A Dinner

The annual Ordinandi Dinner is happening again this year! Sponsored by the Serra Foundation of Canada and the six Serra Clubs of the Archdiocese of Toronto, we will honour those … Read More

Concerning The Bishop’s Health

February 24, 2021 Dear Faithful of the Diocese, I would like to bring to your attention that Bishop Grecco has been experiencing health issues.  These ailments commenced just prior to … Read More

Lent Retreat From Newfoundland

Starting Sunday at 7 PM Newfoundland Time (6:30 PM Prince Edward Island Time) To get to the web site in Newfoundland click here: https://thebasilica.church/

Further Lent Resources

As we approach the upcoming season of Lent,  EWTN is pleased to offer several new resources that may be of interest to you and the faithful of your diocese. These … Read More

Knowing Jesus: Online Retreat

New Pilgrim Path Website of the Week        For Lent, BBC Radio 4 will explore aspects of Ignatian spirituality in their daily Morning Service and Sunday Worship, drawing on ‘Knowing Jesus’, an online retreat … Read More