Website of the Week: The Canticle of Creation

September 10, 2023

We continue to celebrate the global ecumenical ‘Season of Creation’ which runs until 4th October.

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’ takes its title from the opening words of St Francis’ Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures’ (or ‘Canticle of the Sun’).

By the time he composed this remarkable work, St Francis was blind. 

Yet, he was able to see more clearly than ever with the inner eye of his mind.

With unparalleled clarity he perceived the basic unity of all creation and his own place as a friar in the midst of God’s creatures.

In describing all created things as sisters and brothers to mankind, he drives home the message that we are all one great family, sharing Earth – our common home.

Pray this powerful hymn to creation at: