Website of the Week: Care of the Earth

November 19, 2023

“There are no lasting changes without cultural changes, without a maturing of lifestyles and convictions within societies, and there are no cultural changes without personal changes”.

Pope Francis’ recent letter, Laudate Deum, makes it clear that each of us has a personal responsibility to our planet and our own role to play in arresting Earth’s seemingly headlong plunge into disaster.

It is each of our responsibility to be stewards of the Earth. 

It is through a combination of our own individual efforts, added to those of all other individuals, that real change can occur.

The Christian Brothers of Oceania have produced a simple checklist of possibilities to help individuals assess their own daily behaviours in terms of environmental impact.

It provides a host of suggestions for making small changes in behaviour and actions which, cumulatively, can make an enormous difference.

Access this useful guide at: