Teilhard de Chardin and the Cosmic Christ 

May 7, 2023

In the early 20th century, Pére Pierre Teilhard de Chardin linked his deep spirituality as a Jesuit to his scientific work and reflection.

As a scientist and renowned paleontologist, he explored humanity’s early beginnings and our place in the ever-unfolding sweep of evolution.

As a philosopher and theologian, he developed a unique synthesis of science and religion based on an evolutionary understanding of what he called the ‘cosmic Christ’ – the idea that the universe and everything in it is constantly moving towards to a point of perfection defined by unity and love, a point which he called ‘the Omega point’. 

The mission of the Omega Centre is to deepen awareness of Teilhard de Chardin’s integration of science and spirituality by providing insights and practices to enkindle awareness of love at the heart of reality. 

Access this wonderful resource here: https://www.newpilgrimpath.ie/ 

An Ave Maria each day for May!


The month of May has long been associated with devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.  Every day this May, we will share with our visitors some of our favourite recordings of the traditional prayer, Ave Maria (‘Hail Mary’). Some will be familiar to you, others may be less so.​ We hope you enjoy them! Click here to access.