LAMP Forum on Climate Change / Coming Soon

May 17, 2019

The Latin American Mission Program (LAMP) invites PEI residents to an interactive community forum entitled, Climate Change: Climate Justice “From Words to Action”. It will be held at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Hall, 151 Stratford Road, Stratford, PEI, on Sunday, May 26, 2019, 1:30-4:00 PM. There is no charge for the forum. Pre-registration is preferred in order to facilitate planning. Please pre-register before May 21 by calling Marie at 902-894-4573 or by e-mail

The goal of the forum is to inspire more people to make a deeper and wider commitment to stop climate change at its roots. Participants will explore the symptoms and root causes of climate change/global warming. It is impossible to consider root causes without examining the role of the current economic system based on profit for the few with little regard for the people or the environment. Science has confirmed that we are already in an unprecedented crisis. We are facing a massive emergency which is threatening our planet.

Ann Wheatley, environmentalist and a member of Cooper Institute, will do a presentation on the theme of the forum. Her topic: the current economic system: generating and denying global warming.

There is no doubt that many people are taking individual actions in our homes and communities to decrease our daily emission of greenhouse gases. These are important actions. These are daily reminders to ourselves that we are part of a global disaster. But individual lifestyle changes are not enough.

The forum will attempt to encourage more people to become involved in collective, effective, organized action to stop the on-going disaster of global warming. This kind of action is political. The people’s voice must be loud and clear so that decision makers in governments and other institution have to listen and take decisive action. From this day forward, citizens must elect only governments which have clear intentions, policies, and programs in place to address the root causes of climate change. From this day forward, the people must demand changes in the economy which decreases dependence on fossil fuels and increases the development of alternative technologies. From this day forward, people must insist that governments have the right to be in power only if their highest priority is halting and reversing climate change.

LAMP in its relationship with Latin America has learned directly from impoverished people, wherever they live, that they are first victims the warming of the planet. Their fragile homes, water and food supply, are under constant threat from hurricanes, floods, and wildfires which are directly caused by the warming of the earth. The peoples of the South know that it is excessive industrialization and resource extraction of the North which is the major root cause of these disasters.

Canada is creating the problem. Canadians must take decisive political action to create the solution to global warming.