John O’Donohue on Death

June 2, 2024

A deathbed is “the loveliest place to be if you’re helping someone to die who has really lived,” said O’Donohue, the late Irish poet, philosopher and former Catholic priest remembering one wild and roguish character. After he finished with the last sacraments, he asked the man, “What would you say about the whole [life] thing now that you’re about to leave it?” A sly smile crossed the man’s face. He told O’Donohue: “Well,  I knocked a hell of a squeeze out of it.” Two minutes later, he was gone.

O’Donohue believed we could all transform our fear of death — and that enables us to fear little else. His ideas about transforming our fear have to do with living more fully, getting our own big “squeeze” out of life. “The Glory of God is the human being fully alive.” That’s a favourite O’Donohue quote from the early Church father, Irenaeus.

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