Bishop Dabrowski’s Easter Message

March 30, 2024

To: The Faithful of the Diocese of Charlottetown

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Risen Lord,

As we joyfully proclaim, “Christ is risen! Alleluia!” let us open the eyes of our hearts to contemplate Jesus’ love and mercy for us. In a world often clouded by doubt and despair, we are called to embrace the gift of faith, allowing it to illuminate our path and fill us with hope.

The Resurrection is not just a historical event but the cornerstone of our faith, assuring us of our own resurrection and eternal life with Our Lord.

With eyes of faith, may we recognize the presence of the Risen Christ in our midst. Just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus had their eyes opened to His presence in the breaking of the bread, may we, too, encounter him in the Eucharist, the source of our faith, nourishment and strength and repeat with them,
“Lord, stay with us!”

With the eyes of faith, may we nurture the virtue of hope, trusting in God’s promises even in the midst of
trials. In this year dedicated to prayer, let us turn to the Lord with hearts full of gratitude, knowing that he
hears our every prayer and holds our future in His hands.

With the eyes of faith, let us clothe ourselves with love, for it is love that binds us together as one body of
Christ and inspires us to imitate Jesus’ selfless love, who washed his disciples’ feet and laid down His life
for us.

At Pentecost, we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and their transformation into
courageous witnesses of Christ. In the Acts of the Apostles, we read that the disciples encountered the
Risen Lord. They went out and led many others to Christ. During this year dedicated to prayer, we pray
that the Holy Spirit will renew us, transform us and help each of us to become committed disciples of

As we celebrate this Easter may each encounter with the Risen Lord deepen our faith and fill us with
lasting joy.

I wish you a blessed and joyous Easter!
With prayers and blessings,

Most Rev. Joseph Dabrowski C.S.M.A.
Bishop of Charlottetown