Annual Priest Bar-B-Q

July 17, 2019

Tuesday afternoon, July 16, many of our priests gathered in Charlottetown at the Pastoral Centre for the annual bar-b-q.

Bishop Richard makes a few announcements before saying Grace over the meal.

Fr. Brendon Gallant prepared the steaks and they were delicious as usual and as expected.

A very orderly clerical procession around the table.

Along with the steaks there was onions and mushrooms, potatoes, salad, buttered rolls, lobster, shrimp and meatballs. (And even a little chicken for those souls who might not like beef.)

It was a table of plenty.

Before and during the meal all the priests enjoyed the easy comradery of friends, with considerable reminiscing, joking and laughing.

The dinner concluded with ice cream cake and all returned home satisfied.