June 15, 2017

Dear Father,


The famine in South Africa puts 20 million people at risk of death, as climate-related droughts and armed conflicts continue to bar people from access to food and transportation in the 4 affected countries.


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is endorsing Development and Peace – Caritas Canada’s emergency appeal for the victims of Famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria. We have a very short time-frame to take up the collection as the government’s offer to match donations dollar for dollar ends on June 30. This leaves only the weekend of June 24 and 25 for the collection. Since the information came too late for this weekend’s Bulletin, would you please announce the collection at this weekend’s Masses, to prepare people for the 24th and 25th collection?


Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is already active in these regions, working closely with our local partners who are responding by working with the most vulnerable and at-risk populations.

I have given permission therefore to take up a special collection for this purpose on the week-end of June 24-25 so that we can report the amount before the government deadline in order to get matching funds.


Canada’s full report on this emergency (including a fact sheet and poster) can be found at the following link: https://www.devp.org/en/famine-relief-fund


With apologies for such short notice,


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Richard Grecco

Diocese of Charlottetown

For more info click here: https://www.devp.org/en/pressroom/2017/comm2017-05-29