The Sisters of St. Martha Spiritually Center

September 11, 2017

One of the many groups that meet at the Martha Spirituality Center

Located on Great George Street in Charlottetown at the rear entrance of St. Dunstan’s University Place.

St. Dunstan’s University Place

This is the Mission Statement:

We believe that there is an unrealized potential within every human being. Growth is a process into a deeper awareness of self and one’s relationship with God, others and all of creation. Our Spirituality Centre provides the place and the opportunity for reflection on the Word of God and on our lived experiences. Retreats, workshops, prayer, meditation, study, reflection, as well as topical presentations invite us into his process of growth.

The Spindle: A symbol of the transforming power of Jesus Christ in our lives. It represents conversion and is at the same time an instrument of change.

I am sending you the Programming for Sept-Dec 2018 at the Martha Spirituality Centre located at SDU Place on Great George Street in Ch’town, using the entry door at the back of the building.

Once you receive our brochure, you may register at any time. Please note that some programs have limited numbers or deadlines so texts can be ordered for participants. You may register by calling 902-367-3103 or emailing me. Please feel free to share our brochure with anyone who you think may be interested in attending some of our programs. We would really appreciate whatever you can do to advertise for us. Our programs will be on-line in September at

Click here for a PDF of the Brochure:  MARTHA CENTRE Fall 2018

Just a reminder that we want to be a Scent-free  space so we ask you not to wear perfumes nor scented products of any kind. This is to enable many others to attend our programs.

If you have any inquiries about any of the programs, please ask and if I can’t answer I will contact the program facilitator.

Sr. Gemma

Blessings to you and your families. I ask you to remember the Spirituality Centre in your prayers as we endeavour to offer programs of faith education, prayer, reflection and book/video study clubs. We are looking forward to an interesting fall program.

Sr. Gemma

Director, Martha Spirituality Centre.


They have an extensive line up of presentations this year and here is a link to their website:


The Congregation of St. Martha Spirituality Programs