The Grand Opening of Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre in Pictures & Words

June 12, 2017

How To Open a Retreat Centre

Welcome to Our Lady of Hope

On a magnificent Hot & Breezy early Summer Sunday Afternoon — June 11, 2017 about 250 people gathered in Bayview from all over Prince Edward Island for the Grand Opening Celebration for Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre.

Heading for the main entrance

Lots to see

It was crowded in the main hall by times.

Bishop Richard & Marion Murphy in consultation before the statue of St. Kateri

Prayer Program in hand

Coming up the main staircase

Some of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame gathered on the stairs in front of the St. Marguerite Stained glass window

Never go anywhere without your bear

Lunch is on in the dinning room

Enjoying the fresh air and the view on the deck

Kim & Ken holding onto the rail in case they should blow away into New London Bay

About time to go outside and pray

Leo has his keyboard his mikes and his amps. Now where is the choir?

Fr. Eric rounds up the Choir

Darlene is in Regalia

Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi enjoying the sunshine.

Mark Gallant and Brad Trivers

Fr. John Lacey greets the Archbishop

Matthew Jelly, Chairman of the Cavendish Municipality

Fr. Andrew MacDonald enjoying the day and the comradery

Just about ready to start

Sister Gemma Dunn is here, now we can start.

We Pray with Marion Murphy

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Father, Creator of all

We praise you.

We come before you

in this place

this blessed place;

this place built on Holy Ground;

this place surrounded by nature at its best

with an ocean view —

all of which you have created.

Lord Jesus, redeemer of souls,

We ask your guidance on all who enter for spiritual growth;

May their time here refresh mind, body and soul.

Holy Spirit of truth and wisdom,

Open the hearts of all who spend time here

To the many opportunities offered.

Inflame them with a desire to live

Every day in love and service.

Our Lady of Hope restore us,

So as we go forward

We can spread hope, peace and joy

To our families, community, province, country and beyond.

May God Bless Us each and every one.



Charlene Peters reads from the Book of Daniel

Bishop Richard gives his prepared remarks.

To read Bishop Grecco’s remarks click here:June 11 Remarks

Matthew Jelly brings greetings from the Cavendish Municipality

Archbishop Bonazzi gave an impressive inspirational talk.

To read Archbishop Bonazzi’s remarks click here: The Papal Nuncio’s Talk

Fr. Eric Dunn & Fr. Arulraj Santiago hold the official blue ribbon

The Papal Nuncio officially opens the Retreat Centre

While the wall panel is unveiled inside; Sister Lauretta White csm reads the inscription.

On March 28th, 2017 Most Reverend Richard Grecco Bishop of Charlottetown, in prayer with priests, sisters and laity, blessed this site and On June 11, 2017, officially opened Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre, in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Most Reverend Luigi Bonazzi and invited dignitaries. Present were members of the Sark (Reid) and Kelly families and people from across the Island. Father Eric Dunn, VG. Led an advisory committee that worked diligently from September, 2014, until June, 2016, in overseeing the planning and constructing of Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre. The integral human development that this centre will facilitate is in large part due to the keen stewardship of Father Eric Dunn and his committee.

The Planning Committee with Bishop Grecco and Bishop Luigi Bonazzi, Apostolic Nuncio to Canada

Some went home, most went back inside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Archbishop Bonazzi converses with many of the guests.