Streaming Prayer Options

March 20, 2020

If you are reading this you have everything you need to keep current in your faith during this challenging time.

First remember that every priest in the world is saying Mass for you and your intentions whether he says it publicly or in private. There are half a million priests around the world; that’s half a million altars and a constant gathering of the concerns of humanity to be offered in the perfect prayer of Jesus.

Lots of daily Masses are streamed and here are just a few links:

The Holy Father from the Vatican:

Salt & Light TV from Canada:

Bishop Robert Barron & Word on Fire Team from California:

EWTN from Alabama on You Tube:

On the Lord’s Day Mass will be broadcast on Eastlink Community Channels 10 & 610 from Holy Redeemer Church in Charlottetown at 9 AM PEI Time.

Also Mass from St. Mary’s Holy Family Church in Kensington will be Facebook Live at 9 AM and available to view any time anywhere people can access Facebook.

Mass from St. Pius X Parish in Charlottetown for the Fourth Sunday of Lent Facebook Live at 10:30 am Sunday on March 22. The link is:

Other types of Prayer are also easily accessed by the click of a mouse:

For the Holy Rosary I enjoy: One Hail Mary At A Time Kristin, A Young Working Mother of 7, invites guests and people at home to pray the Holy Rosary with her (Over 2,000 People Prayed with her yesterday when the Holy Father asked us all to pray the Rosary) Often there are babes in arms and toddlers milling about but hey that’s what Family Rosary is all about!

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Spend quiet time before Our Lord

The Liturgy of the Hours as an app for you devices

Sacred Space Prayer in the St. Ignatius Style presented by the Jesuits of Ireland

There are also tons of good content available on You Tube (Start with Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and see what popular communication of the faith looked like at the dawn of the screen age.)

Remember your local Parish Priest is only as far away as your phone. Give him a call just to shoot the breeze, ask for a blessing over the phone, share your concerns or what ever is on your mind.

[Also remember The Lord is even closer to you than your phone. ]

Pray On!