Stella Maris Parish Celebrated 400th Anniversary of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

May 16, 2019

On Saturday Evening May 4, 2019 we at Stella Maris Parish, North Rustico, PEI moved into celebration mode to honor St. Marguerite Bourgeoys’ 400th anniversary of birth.

Plaque Honouring St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

Father Raj Santiago, our CND Associate, prefaced the Mass by announcing the reason for the celebration and invited the entire congregation to join the CND sisters and associates in our rejoicing.   Associate Vernon Buote read the Montreal, April 15, 2019 press release that further explained the reason for our celebrating. The Mass was offered for the special intentions of all CND sisters, associates and friends of St. Marguerite. 

Stella Maris Church before Mass

Following the Mass everyone was invited to a ham and scalloped potato dinner with all the trimmings. This dinner was generously provided by the Knights of Columbus. Father Brendon Gallant our CND journeying associate and a fabulous chef served as chief chef. His full day in the kitchen was much appreciated.

Fr. Brendon Gallant prepares the ham.

Marguerite Bourgeoys prayer cards for families were placed on each one’s table napkin  for the taking.  As we finished our delicious desserts Vernon Buote spoke to the gathering about sainthood and the conditions that lead up to sainthood while explaining this process for St. Marguerite. We then moved on to a very short skit with Carol Probert an associate, Lorraine Lemay a journeying associate and Sister Phyllis Gallant taking part.

Lorraine Lemay with Carol Probert at the microphone

The skit was based on our call to love as it is portrayed in the Visitation between Mary and Elizabeth. In closing Marguerite invited everyone present to reflect on each one’s  individual gifts and talents and encouraged everyone to use these gifts for others.

Sister Phyllis Gallant as St. Marguerite

She bid everyone “so-long” and ensured them that no good act in God’s name ever goes unrewarded in heaven and that heaven is a trillion times more wonderful than any of us can even imagine. We thank God for the gift of St. Marguerite to us.  A special thank you to Father Raj, Father Brendon, Vernon, Carol and Lorraine for their part in preparing for this occasion.

Banquet Tables Await Guests

Also a thank you to Anne Marie Vessey for adding the special intercessions at Mass.