St. Felix CWL Receives Commendation from Lieutenant Governor

October 4, 2018

The Honourable Antoinette Perry, Lieutenant Governor

CWL- St. Felix 85​th​ Anniversary

September 30, 2018


Bishop Richard

Fr. John 

Seminarian Walter,

Members of the St. Felix Catholic Women’s League



I am honoured to be here with you to celebrate the 85​th Anniversary of the ​St. Felix Catholic Women’s League.


Je suis très contente d’être ici parmi vous pour fêter cette 85e anniversaire de la Ligue des femmes catholiques de St. Felix.


Our parish is blessed to have not only one, but two Catholic Women’s League branches. They belong to the national fellowship of Catholic women who promote awareness and respond to political and social issues that affect all Canadians. Their MOTTO is: ​For God and Country​.

Catholic Women’s League of Canada

The Catholic Women’s League  plays an important role in the life of our parish, our faith community in so many ways as they carry out their ​MISSION  ​“ to grow in faith and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service”​.  We parishioners continually witness them strengthening the church community through their active involvement whether: promoting the teachings of the Catholic church,  upholding and defending Christian education and values,  helping families in need,  visiting the lonely, the sick, the forgotten or ignored enhancing the role of women in the church and society,  supporting our seniors, to name but a few contributions where they visibly infuse new life.  Inspired by the Spirit, they are responding to God’s call to witness His love. In addition, they are a sought-out partner for social justice and respected advocates at all government levels for issues like protecting the sanctity of life and recognizing the human dignity of all people everywhere. By keeping informed and connected to world issues, they help our faith community better understand these issues.


La Ligue des femmes catholiques supporte et encourage le monde à grandir dans la foi afin d’apprendre comment nous pouvons suivre Jésus et partager son message d’amour partout.


La prière est leur grande source de vie. C’est en priant, en rentrant en contact intime avec le Christ qu’elles peuvent saisir et comprendre leur rôle.


One of this year’s annual conference articles describes your involvement so well; “… we must quietly but persistently show ourselves to be true to what God wants us to be; the light to others so that they might come and see.”


I wish to commend you for your commitment to promoting prayer, ​this vital guiding force. By making this conscious contact with God, we can all draw strength, find consolation, spread peace, goodwill and hope.   I am certain that in the past few weeks, you have helped many people in countless ways, but especially through prayer, to come to grips with the tragedies in our community. Prayer is one of the most powerful transforming forces for when we turn to prayer, we can turn negative energy into positive; expressing our gratitude first before requesting our petition.


You ​are​ putting into action your theme for this year; “Inspired by the Spirit, women respond to God’s call.”


On behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, I congratulate you and thank you for your contribution to your parish family.  I extend my sincere wishes for a productive continuation of your fellowship. May the legacy of this anniversary be the addition of new members to ensure the continuity of the St. Felix branch of the Catholic Women’s League.


You live the words on your LOGO; CHARITY –  WORK  –  LOYALTY


May God bless you.