Special Lent Events

February 11, 2018




Many Parishes across the diocese have additional services and opportunities for education in the Lenten season.


Here are a few that you might like to attend.


CORNWALL HAS A SPECIAL LENTEN SUNDAY MASS AT 7:00 PM:  Having in mind that some people work during the weekends and would like an opportunity to go to Sunday Mass, we will be celebrating the Holy Eucharist on Sunday’s at 7:00 PM (during the Season of Lent ONLY) at St Francis of Assisi Parish in Cornwall.


Stations of the Cross, Every Friday 7 PM

at Immaculate Conception Church, Route 2, Richmond until March 30

This is a traditional devotion to celebrate during the Lenten season, as it recalls the suffering and passion of Jesus which was undergone for our good and salvation. We, as followers of Christ, are meant to imitate His holy life, and in particular we are to unite our own sufferings and challenges in life with what He Himself had undergone. If we are to love with the fervent and radical love of Jesus Himself, then we also must be willing to suffer as he also suffered – this is a simple and profound truth of our faith which allows us to face with joy the challenges of life and to become who we truly are in Christ. By praying the stations we allow ourselves to grow in appreciation for Christ’s action, and we allow ourselves to reflect on what His suffering means for our lives. Please consider making regular attendance at the stations a part of our your Lenten journey.