Share Lent Collection 2020 Now in November

October 13, 2020

The annual Share Lent collection was not taken up in Lent this year due to Covid restrictions in place at that time. 

Bishop Richard Grecco has set aside November 15 for a special collection for Development and Peace.

For the next five weeks there will be educational background material concerning this year’s Development and Peace campaign.

Please be generous with your support.

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada launches the new national campaign for a green and just recovery from the pandemic.

“Recovering together”

This national campaign is focused on global solidarity in the face of the COVID-19 and addresses the global crisis exacerbated by the pandemic.

The campaign, is an effort to put Pope Francis’ call to put people and the environment at the forefront of efforts to address the immediate global impact of the ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic while also dealing with the longer-term threat of climate change.

The pandemic has put our human family in crisis.  It is estimated that:

265 million people could face starvation by the end of 2020

The economic fallout from COVID could push an additional half a billion people into poverty

Only 1 in 5 people in low-income countries are covered by safety net programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the deep inequalities that exist in our world today. The incessant exploitation of our common home has triggered the climate crisis and pushed millions into poverty. Now, the pandemic is making our global family all the more fragile. Severe malnutrition and extreme poverty are increasing around the world as people get sick, jobs are lost and markets are closed. It is the most vulnerable and marginalized both here in Canada and in the Global South, such as refugees, women and Indigenous Peoples, who will disproportionately suffer as the face impacts of the pandemic.

As the world grapples with how best to recover from the pandemic, it is the moment to rethink our systems and call on governments and world leaders to put in place social, environmental and economic policies that put the dignity of people and our planet before profit.

Our partners are working to make this happen in their communities, but they need our support to pursue their work, which is so critical at this time. Pope Francis has long recognized the importance of groups like those supported by Development and Peace in bringing about the changes needed to transform our world into one where all can live in dignity. During the pandemic, he addressed a letter to popular movements, highlighting the urgent need for their actions:

 “You are the indispensable builders of this change that can no longer be put off. Moreover, when you testify that to change is possible, your voice is authoritative. You have known crises and hardships … that you manage to transform – with modesty, dignity, commitment, hard work and solidarity – into a promise of life for your families and your communities.”

                                                 — Pope Francis, Life After the Pandemic, pg. 39

And you are also one of those indispensable builders. Our partners need our solidarity and they need us to take action for our common home and for a global just recovery.