Secular Franciscans Welcome Bishop Grecco

April 20, 2019

The St. Francis of Assisi Secular Franciscan Fraternity (Cornwall) welcomed Bishop Richard Grecco to its regular monthly meeting on April 14 at St. Francis of Assisi Church hall in Cornwall.

Bishop Grecco and Secular Franciscans

The meeting was attended by 26 members of the fraternity as well as several members of the Br. Leo Secular Franciscan Fraternity (Montague).

Bringing insight to The Joy of the Gospel

Bishop Grecco led the ongoing formation section of the meeting and spoke on The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), the 2013 apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis. This document stresses the Church’s primary mission of evangelization in the world.

Introduction to Pope Francis’ Document

Bishop Grecco focused on the Introduction and several articles of The Joy of the Gospel to offer some insight into understanding evangelization. Some of his points and quotes include:

On our way to be human

 “God is what happens on our way to being human.”

 When evangelizing, “the key of going from maintenance mode to missionary mode is JOY.” (In fact, the word “joy” occurs 109 times in the document.)

Let humour be part of the message

 When proclaiming the Gospel, don’t look as if you just came from a funeral. Let humour be part of your message.

 Discern what is good in secular society. For example, compare Canada’s efforts to reduce poverty with the predominantly secular nations of Denmark and Sweden which have virtually eliminated poverty.

 Evangelization is a process that includes: (1) Proclaiming the Gospel, (2) Bearing witness with joy, (3) Being in communion with people, (4) Being of service and (5) Liturgy.

Food & Fellowship

After the formation session, there was a half hour of ‘Food & Fellowship’ during which Bishop Grecco took the opportunity to chat informally with everyone.

Where there are Franciscans there is fun and food

Bishop Grecco was relaxed and humorous and inspiring. The members of the Secular Franciscan fraternity enjoyed getting to know Richard Grecco the person, as well as Bishop Grecco, our spiritual leader.

Fellowship is Good Conversation

Michael Cassidy, Secretary St. Francis of Assisi Secular Franciscan Fraternity (Cornwall)