Ryan MacRae’s Missioning Service this Sunday in Stratford

January 9, 2018

Ryan MacRae

The Latin American Mission Program of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlottetown is preparing to send a new missionary to the Dominican Republic (DR). Ryan MacRae of Stratford, PEI has completed a six-session orientation to the mission and has been studying Spanish.

Most Reverend Richard Grecco will preside over a missioning ceremony during the Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM. The process and content of the ceremony affirms that Ryan is being sent by the Diocese of Charlottetown to the church in the Dominican Republic. In the DR, the Misioneros del Sacrado Corazón (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart) in Santiago de los Caballeros will receive Ryan as an associate member. This Church organization has been a LAMP partner and supporter for many years. Ryan will live with a Dominican family to be introduced to the culture, and to improve his Spanish.

Preparing for Christmas Celebration at Mujer Iglesia Fundacion

Ryan will become part of an organization, Fondación Mujer Iglesia (Woman-Church Foundation). He will gradually involve himself in the work of Mujer Iglesia which is designed to improve the lives of impoverished families in the region by community organizing to develop the economic and social self-reliance of women.

Fr. Eddie Cormier

LAMP member, Father Eddie Cormier, currently in the Dominican Republic will introduce Ryan to Church officials and to the leadership of Mujer Iglesia, which also is a LAMP partner organization. Ryan will begin his work orientation within a few weeks after his arrival.

The PEI orientation program in which Ryan participated included such theme as: Introduction to LAMP’s History and Mission; History of the Dominican Republic; Dominican Politics; Dominican Church Reality; Faith of the Dominican People; Theology of Liberation; Dominican Republic Economy and the Environment; Two Structural Frameworks–Charity and Social Justice; Canadian Cultural Baggage; & Dominican Culture.

Ryan MacRae has an academic and work history which is an impressive grounding for his life and work in the Dominican Republic. He graduated with a BA First Class Honours with Distinction in Economics from Mount Allison University (2017), a program in which he studied the economic impacts on the environment and Capitalism’s disproportionate global effects. His work and volunteer experiences as a student include: Global Brigade in rural Hondurus as part of the Microcredit Brigade; the UYP Refugee Project in Ankara, Turkey, concerned with the influx of Syrian refugees; Divest MTA, as part of a movement to urge the university to withdraw its investment from the fossil fuel industries; last summer as Junior Forest Ranger Crew Leader (Alberta);  and recently as an elementary school tutor in a local school. While a student he also honed his organizational skills as a Gold Cup Parade Coordinator (2014). His special interest in economics led to his becoming a Microeconomics Teaching Assistant for the past two years.

The formal mission in the Dominican Republic will begin on his arrival to the country on February 3, 2018. Many Islanders join with LAMP and the Diocese in supporting Ryan MacRae as he begins what will likely be a life-changing experience. All are welcome at the missioning ceremony during the Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM.

Vaya con Dios, Ryan!

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