Poverty Banquet at St. Mary’s, Montague

March 9, 2018

Confirmation students, parents and invited guests from the Bishop MacEachern Pastoral Unit recently participated in their 6th Annual Poverty Banquet.

As people arrived they were divided into groups of rich, middle and low arbitrarily.

Each income level received a corresponding meal – filling and nutritious or sparse and simple – in proportion to the way food is distributed throughout the world.

Jarrett Victor and Dylan Miller


Nancy Matheson led the group through a dialogue discussing poverty and moved some of the 50 participants through various income levels.  Sister Elizabeth Dunn led in mediation of “Life on 50 cents a day”

Pictured are Jarrett Victor, St. Mary’s Parish, and Dylan Miller, St. Paul’s Parish, who experienced life in the low income group with their simple meal of rice and water.