New Catechetical Program

September 28, 2013

Be My Disciples

Be My Disciples

The Diocese of Charlottetown is introducing a new catechetical program called “Be My Disciples.” This year nearly 20 parishes will begin using the program while the rest will introduce it over the next two years so that by the fall of 2015 every parish in the diocese will be using the same program.

The “Be My Disciples” program includes lots of online resources for students, parents, and teachers and our catechetical page has been updated with links to these resources.

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“Be My Disciples” – New Faith Program Initiated

After a year of study by a Diocesan Committee, a new youth catechetical (faith development) program is being adopted by the Diocese of Charlottetown.

“There is nothing more fundamental to our mission than passing on the faith to our young people” stated Bishop Richard Grecco. “This is a primary responsibility of a faith community.”

One of the challenges of having an effective instructional program is to ensure that it is up-to-date, utilizing images, language and media that are contemporary and familiar to today’s youth. Accordingly a number of available programs were reviewed to confirm availability of supporting electronic resources, ease of lesson planning and consistent quality theological details.

“Based on our review of available programs, our committee determined that “Be My Disciples” was an ideal program for our Diocese” explained Sr. Audrey Brocklehurst, Chair of the Diocesan Catechetical Committee. “It is an exciting new program that will fulfill our requirements for years to come.”

This new program is being introduced at almost 20 parishes this year, with other parishes to follow over the next two years. Thus by the fall of 2015 all parishes across the Diocese will be using the new program.

“I am very pleased with the choice of our Diocesan Catechetical Committee” remarked Bishop Grecco. “Be My Disciples” is a modern, well-developed program that will add new life to our faith sharing efforts with young people.”

For further information about this new program, please contact Sr. Audrey Brocklehurst 1-902-368-8005, Ext. 235 or email