Memo from Scarborough Bluffs

September 22, 2017

Chapel of St. Augustine's Seminary, Toronto

Our seminarian, Walter Flynn, sent in this note Thursday evening.

Hello Fr Frank.

I’m sending along to you my 2017-18 Diocese picture that was taken a day or so after beginning Seminary.

If you would like (no pressure though), you can post it to the Diocesan Facebook page, perhaps with a short caption that says something like

“2nd year Theology is going well, I would appreciate your prayers”.

As I say though, no pressure.

Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you and the entire presbyterate and the Diocese in my prayers. ~Walter

We certainly will pray for Walter and all of those men and women who are in formation for Priesthood and Religious Life.

If I may speak for all of the priests in the diocese of Charlottetown who were ordained from St. Augustine’s Seminary (and Bishop Richard who not only attended but also taught there) 2nd Year Theology is not that hard — it’s 3rd Year that will get ‘ya. How’s that for pressure?