Billings Life – Fertility Education

We are the incorporated local branch of an international organization dedicated to teaching girls and women to recognize the changing body-signs of their fluctuating levels of fertility. This knowledge helps couples to achieve or postpone pregnancy. Its reliability for family planning is verified by the lived experience of 50 million couples in over 100 countries, and supported by over 60 years of on-going cutting-edge scientific research.

Our Background

This information was developed and promoted as a method of family planning by Dr. John Billings of Australia, and his doctor-wife Lyn, in response to requests from clients. All natural, it was accepted by World Health Organization and named the Billings Ovulation Method. It is used successfully and enthusiastically in six continents.

The BOM is basically very simple. But follow up coaching and guidance are essential, since most women need time to become fully aware of their body messages, and learn to interpret them correctly.

For their tireless work on behalf of families, both Dr. John and Dr. Lyn have been commended by popes and granted papal awards. John died in 2007; he is now being considered for canonization.

Billings Ovulation Method Worldwide

  • Almost all Billings Method teachers are volunteers.
  • The teaching guidelines and standards for training established by WOOMB International in Australia are exacting, to ensure that women are well served and that the BOM is taught without distortion.
  • Billings teachers everywhere in the world take extensive training, write exams, and upgrade frequently to keep up with scientific developments.
  • The Research and Reference Centre in Australia, monitors and safeguards the accurate transmission of the BOM.
  • World Organization of the Ovulation Method Billings–Canada ( is the responsible Canadian umbrella group and a registered charity.

The Billings Ovulation Method in P.E.I.

  • Available here for about 35 years.
  • Organization incorporated 1986.
  • Run by a Board. (Would welcome new members).
  • Funded by Diocese.
  • No charge for instruction.
  • Cost of materials: approximately $30.
  • Intro session: generally given in a group setting.
  • Follow-up sessions: at regular intervals as needed.
  • Follow up sessions: individual, private, confidential.

The BOM clearly demonstrates that we “are wonderfully made.” Our overall goal is to help girls, women, couples and families to recognize that and to live in greater harmony with nature and the Creator’s plan.

How We Do That

  • Give couples practical ways to live with their fertility in accordance with Church teaching and the plan of God, without recourse to The Pill, sterilization, and other forms of contraception.
  • Teach couples, religion classes, teen groups, etc.
  • Help mothers teach daughters.
  • Give talks and basic information to any group that is interested.
  • Set up information displays.
  • Give workshops if requested.
  • Provide resource material for parents, teachers, pastors, etc.
  • Facilitate the training of persons interested in learning to do this important work. (Married couples can both be teachers).

Girls and women of all ages, races and religions are entitled to this modern science-supported fertility education, even if they are not sexually active.

The BOM has the demonstrated power to engender co-operation and respect between the woman and man, to assist them to develop love and concern for each other and for their children, and to enrich their relationships and their lives.

In addition, it’s been noted that the related observations are increasingly helpful in diagnosing a range of early-stage health problems.

Everyone knows someone who can benefit from our services.
We stand ready to help.