Lay Pastoral Formation Program

April 25, 2013

Lay Pastoral Formation Program

Plans continue to evolve for the next offering of the Diocese of Charlottetown Lay Pastoral Associate Formation Program. The program represents an opportunity for lay persons to grow in, and live out more deeply, their Catholic faith and spirituality.

“All Catholics, in keeping with their Baptismal calling, are invited into a deep relationship with God” stated Rev. John Lacey, chair of the committee that oversees the program. “Similarly they are invited, in accordance with their gifts and talents to share their knowledge and experience of God with others.”

The program was created almost 10 years ago by the Diocese to pave the way for lay men and women to become more engaged in pastoral work in their respective parishes and/or pastoral units. It has proven to be a blessing for candidates’ spiritual growth and development.

“At various stages in life, one can be motivated to embrace one’s faith more fully” remarked Rev. Lacey. “A program such as this allows an individual to discover new meaning and new outlets for one’s faith beliefs.”

The two-year program is scheduled to commence in September 2013, and is offered one week-end a month at the St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre in Summerside for 10 months (September – June) each year. Each week-end focuses on a given topic such as Scripture Study, Sacraments, Theology, Christology and the practical skills of pastoral ministry.

To request an information brochure, interested persons should contact their pastor or e-mail or phone 1-902-368-8005. Ultimately people need to register prior to the end of May, 2013.

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