L.A.M.P. Missionaries in the Dominican Republic

May 5, 2017

Father Eddie Cormier and Scott Smith in the Dominican Republic, enjoying the warm sun, meeting many people, and celebrating Sacraments.

Scott sent in these pictures:

It is the same Mass all around the world

Beautiful Child Candidate for Baptism

Fr. Eddie Blessing the Baptismal Water

Professing The Creed: “This is the Faith of the Church”

Do you want to have your child baptized into the faith we’ve just professed?

I Baptize You . . .

In Canada or the Dominican Republic you have to have relatives taking pictures or it doesn’t count..

Father, Mother & Daughter

Picture with the Priest

The whole family

Scott holds the Child

Child not too sure about Scott’s experience in baby holding.

From the Church to the Party

Beach side Gathering

Fr. Eddie’s Birthday so He gets the first portion of the cake

Scott & Fr. Eddie

Beach side

February isn’t cold everywhere

I’m 39

Laugh and Enjoy

It’s good to have friends

People will welcome you into their homes and lives


Fr. Eddie sent in these notes:

Flooding took place in many areas of the country, destroying crops and roads, and forcing many families to leave their homes, losing much of their belongings.

The people of the Dominican Republic reacted strongly against the corruption scandal of the construction company Odebrecht that have increased the cost of building roads, bridges, etc up to 20% to pay bribes to politicians and other officials.