Kensington/Summerfield Parish Discussions on Protecting Minors

February 12, 2019

Monday, February 11, the third in a series of discussion sessions was held at the St. Mary’s Holy Family Parish Centre in Kensington.

These sessions organized by the Evangelization Committee of St. Mary’s Holy Family and St. James Parishes were prompted by the publication of the book Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse.

Monday’s session followed the regular monthly meeting of the Knights of Columbus and was lead by Knights Pierre Jahier, Paul Brown and Fr. Frank Jay, Chaplain and Parish Priest.

The session began with Pierre’s introduction and short summary of the document from the CCCB. Fr. Jay then distributed an information sheet outlining where people can find background information on the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and our parishes’ response.

Pierre Jahier reads the introduction to the meeting.

The sixty-nine recommendations for action from Protecting Minors were distributed to the Knights for further reflection and consideration.

Handouts distributed to the Brother Knights.

A wide ranging discussion began reflecting on how the abuse crisis has affected the Church in general and each man and his family individually. On the topic of protecting children Grand Knight Shawn McCarvill mentioned the Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection Safe Environment Program educational video: []

Other men commented on the current training programs carried out by the PEI sporting organizations in which they are involved as coaches and parents.

Brother Knight Paul Brown records the comments and observations for a future report.

Previous small group meetings were held with the Catechetical teachers and the Catholic Women’s League and friends. Each group approached the topic in a very serious manner and had much to contribute to the understanding and solution of the problem. A theme that can be found in all the groups is a desire for greater transparency and more information.

Dr. Don and Karen Clark

The first two meetings were chaired by Don and Karen Clark from the Evangelization Committee who were instrumental in starting this educational effort.

Meeting with the Property & Finance Committee, February 12

Future small group meeting will be held with the people of St. James’ Parish.

A report will be compiled by the Evangelization Committee, presented to a larger combined parish meeting for further comment and discussion.

To explore more background information on the subject of the Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church feel free to consult this page on the Kensington/Summerfield Parish Web Site:

And of course there is a lot of information on this page at our diocesan web site: