Interac e-Transfer & Parish Support

March 24, 2020

Here at my parish people were looking for a way to continue weekly support in these days when we can not meet face-to-face. This is working for us and it may work for your parish too,

Use Interac e-Transfer to maintain your support your parish in these difficult times.

Interac e-Transfer A quick and secure way to send  money. All you need is an email address and a Canadian dollar bank account at a Canadian bank or credit union.

I Modified the following e-mail to explain the process:

Message from (our parish’s secretary):

I just called the [insert you parish’s bank or credit union name here] and here’s the information I received. People can e-transfer money to [insert you parish’s email address here]  and I will be able to accept and track their money.

So, I just tried this and was able to transfer money from my account to the church account at the [bank/Credit Union] using the [parish’s] email address. 

I can email people confirmation of receipt of their donation.  Alternatively, people may put a cheque in the mail to [your home parish’s address].  

Call [your parish’s secretary] if you have any questions.

I tried this with my bank using Interac e-Transfer and it worked just like she said.

Now there are many other ways in this day and age to continue your regular support of your parish, the e-Transfer works for us and there are also direct deposit and other financial arrangements that will work in your own situation. Always best to call your own parish secretary and see what fits.

We always appreciate your generosity at any time!

Keep Warm, Keep Safe, Keep the Faith