Good News from Bishop Richard

September 27, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

God has blessed me abundantly in so many ways. Particularly, the Lord has blessed me with you, with your fervent support and especially your prayers. Today, I share good news with you.  I met with my Oncologist today. He informed me that the radiation and chemotherapy went well. Recent tests indicate that the cancer is in remission. With deep joy I extend my gratitude to all of you and ask that your many, many prayers on my behalf now be offered as prayers of thanksgiving for graces received.

I must share with you another blessing God bestowed upon me.  I cannot praise or thank enough the nurses, physicians and staff of the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre.  Their professionalism, efficiency and above all caring touch was beyond compare.  I am grateful also to have received my  diagnosis, radiation and chemotherapy prior to  retirement in my home Province.  Because of the pandemic,  many hospitals across Canada had capacity issues so severe that treatments and procedures were often cancelled or postponed. For eight months I experienced  no cancellations or interruption of my treatments.  I am truly grateful for the blessing of health care in PEI.

According to my Oncologist I am to assume that the Covid vaccination I receive will not have  much effect due to the long term impact of  chemotherapy. Therefore, for the coming year I shall continue to keep physically distant, avoid indoor crowds and wear a mask. This seems like a relatively easy task; however,  it means I will not be able to visit Parishes for Mass and bid you a personal farewell and thanks.  Although physically unable to meet with you I do know your spirit of prayer and support and I assure you of mine as we await the appointment of a new Bishop by the Holy Father, Francis.  Be assured of my gratitude and prayers.

May the Lord’s Peace and Joy be with you always

Sincerely in Christ,

 +Richard Grecco

Bishop Emeritus of Charlottetown