Further Photos from Scarborough

September 22, 2017

Fr. George Gilliland asked me why I didn’t include the photos of all the seminarians in Toronto. To allude to the Acts of the Apostles: “I didn’t know anything about those photos.”

So Fr. George forwarded the e-mail to me and I am thankful.

Here is a photo of Walter Flynn with his entire Second Year Theology Class.

2nd Theology Class 2017-2018

And here is the whole gang from St. Augustine’s Seminary. (Click on the photo for the full sized version)

The whole house photo for 2017 – 2018

The seminarians are drawn from all over Canada and around the world. Let us pray for their sucess in this year and in all of their future ministries for Christ and His Church.

To learn more about St. Augustine’s Seminary and the Toronto School of Theology check out the seminary’s web page: http://www.staugustines.on.ca/