From Summerside to NET Canada

July 2, 2018

Two men from St. Paul’s Parish, Summerside have applied to be missionaries in NET Canada for the upcoming year. Here are their stories.

Matthew Hebert

Hello, My Name is Matthew Hebert from Summerside PEI, I’m an accountant by trade who currently works in payroll.  Some of my hobbies include reading, writing and graphic design. Aside from my work and hobbies I’m also a young Catholic revert, who after some time has come back to the Church and now have embraced God’s call to bring other youths closer to his most Holy Son as a NET Missionary for the 2018-19 Year!  As part of this work as a missionary I ask for your prayers during this endeavor and I also need to raise $6,500 to help cover training and expenses while I’m spreading the message of our Savior!  If you’d like to contact me I can be reached by email at or you can call/text me at 902-303-9976.  And if you’d like you can find out more at!  God Bless!

Jackson Brown

Hello! My name is Jackson Brown. I am 19 years old and I’m a God-loving man from Summerside PEI. Currently I am a first year electrical apprentice and working full time in the trade. I am very excited to begin my NET adventure and do the work of our Lord. I enjoy all things music. I play guitar and love rock. My other passion, aside from music, is coffee. I am a master of the french press. If you can make a good cup of coffee then please share. The main reason I am doing NET is that I had a parish team at my parish for the past year and they have shown me a lifestyle and a love for God that I thirst for. God bless you all and I hope and pray that you will partner with me in changing the lives of the youth of Canada! I can be reached by email at

If you can help them out with prayer and/or funds contact them at the email addresses above. We are thankful for all of the young men and women from PEI who have and are volunteering to spread the message of Christ both in Canada and around the world.