Fr. Ashok’s Installation

August 6, 2018

Fr. Ashok Veerabathina

Fr. Ashok with Bishop Richard at the Baptismal Font

Sunday, August 5th, Bishop Richard Grecco installed Fr. Ashok Veerabathina as Pastor at St. Malachy’s Parish in Kinkora.

Bishop Richard, assisted by Fr. Ignacimuthu (Ignatius) Sebastian, associate pastor at Summerside, entrusts Fr. Ashok with the Office of Preaching the Word of God

Fr. Ashok has been serving three parishes: Kinkora, Seven Mile Bay, and Kelly’s Cross, since June 21.

Fr. Ashok takes the Presider’s Chair, Spiritually guiding the faithful he serves.

A reception followed the Mass.

Fr. Ashok with Well-Wishers