Fr. Art O’Shea Remembers Fr. Charlie

September 10, 2019

The recent death of Father Charles Cheverie has brought to a close an earthly life of intense prominence.     Having survived a near-death experience last December, he rallied remarkably in regaining most of himself again.  A son of the cathedral parish, he was an alumnus of nearby Queen Square School and a 1953 graduate of S.D.U. 

In Academic Robes

Willing to give seminary life a try, he again excelled by completing that 4-year study of theology, leading to his priestly ordination here in 1957.   Chosen by his bishop for further study, Father Charlie was assigned eastward to Rome for a Canon Law degree.   Revised planning, however, sent him westward to Washington, D.C.  for a degree in biology.  Five years later, with his PhD in hand, he began a 35-year career as biology professor that included S.D.U. and U.P.E.I. 

Restless for parish ministry on the side, early on he was given the administration of St. Eugene’s in Covehead, a pastorate he truly loved and served for some 40 years. 

With his fiddle

In his early life young Charlie embraced also the fiddle, learning first the Don Messer style but changing later to the Cape Breton Scottish mode which he happily mastered and widely shared.

A pleasant man and dedicated priest, Father Charlie had an extensive circle of friends.   Fittingly, his earthly remains now rest in that quiet country churchyard at Covehead, a place and among parishioners he so richly loved.  A life truly lived,  he rests now in peace where life is changed, not ended. 

Fr. Art O’Shea