Fall Action 2019: Care for our Common Home

October 4, 2019

The PEI Diocesan Council for Development and Peace – Caritas Canada held its Fall Education/Action Workshop this past weekend.

Luke Stocking, Deputy Director of D&P (Atlantic Canada/Ontario) and Adah Ogbe, Maritimes Animator D&P

Our guest speaker was Luke Stocking, Deputy Director of D&P in Atlantic Canada and also Ontario. The workshop also included speakers Danny Gillis (retiring Maritimes Animator D&P – Caritas Canada), Adah Ogbe (incoming Maritimes Animator D&P – Caritas Canada), and Mary Boyd (Chair of the Diocesan Council of D&P – Caritas Canada}.

The campaign for the next two years, Care for our Common Home, is inspired by the papal encyclical Laudato Si’. The goal for the first year of the campaign is to raise awareness of the dwindling natural resources of the Amazon, and to advocate for the preservation of the Amazon and the well-being of its people.

The workshop was well attended by many parishioners.  It focused on the importance of the Amazon to all humanity, listening to the needs of the Indigenous and local communities of the Amazon, and ways to enhance their quality of life to allow for human dignity. Discussion was also aimed at encouraging individuals to recognize our responsibility in caring for our common home.

Pope Francis considers the Amazon so important that he has called a special synod of Bishops to take place this month (October 6 to 27) at the Vatican. The theme is New Paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology.

While the purpose of the workshop was to create awareness, it should also touch deeper into the soul of every person and inspire each of us to action. It is very simple to get involved in this vital endeavor and to support our brothers and sisters:

  • First, become aware by clicking this D&P link to read a brief backgrounder.
  • Second, we invite you to support two Brazilian communities by signing Solidarity Letters, which can be done online by clicking this D&P link that will shine a spotlight on their struggles and their courage in defending their land and the root causes of their crisis. We have set a goal of 65,000 signatures (one for each species of tree and vertebrate in the Amazon).
  • Third, we ask you to take our Inter-generational pledge for our common home at D&P link that invites individuals of all ages to commit to at least one lifestyle change for the sake of the environment. This may include introducing more plant-based meals throughout the week and/or commuting by biking, walking, or taking public transit. For further impact, you can upload a selfie holding a homemade sign reading, “I care for our Common Home.
  • You can also contribute a monetary donation (charitable donation receipt for tax purposes issued) by clicking for this D&P link to help the world’s poorest.