Critical Comments on 2018 Federal Government Summer Jobs Program

April 7, 2018








{Bishop Grecco received this letter and would like to share it with everyone.}


Your Eminences / Your Excellencies,


For your information and possible local distribution, I am attaching a listing of links – updated as of 5 April 2018 – to critical commentaries in English and French published by dioceses, Church organizations and media on the federal government’s 2018 Summer Jobs Program.


At the meeting of 21 March 2018 in which Cardinal Thomas Collins participated, Minister Patricia Hajdu insisted there will be no changes to the government’s approach for the 2018 Summer Jobs Program. This position was reiterated by Prime Minister Trudeau during a recent conversation with CCCB President Bishop Lionel Gendron, P.S.S., and Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix. Furthermore, while the Prime Minister did indicate that the government will consult faith organizations on the 2019 Summer Jobs Program, he also intimated it may continue to use the same approach as in 2018. The links to the critical commentaries could then become particularly helpful over the weeks and months to come in your conversations with local Members of Parliament in efforts to convince the government to modify its current requirements.


Sincerely yours in Jesus with Mary,


Msgr. Frank Leo,Jr.

General Secretary

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Statements media coverage – Faith leaders ask government to revise Canada Summer Jobs requirements – 5 April 2018