Creating A Virtual Library

April 8, 2019

Many parishes, priests and lay people have acquired educational materials over the years that may be useful to share with others in the diocese.

Some of these items may be books, reference materials, programs, audio and video recordings that would be helpful to others who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic Faith.

We are creating a “Virtual Theological/Pastoral Library” of these resources.

There will be 3 Categories:

  1. Electronic Links to resources on the Internet that people can access from the comfort of their own home devices.
  2. Materials that free for the taking. We Used Them, We Liked Them, You Can Have Them & We Don’t Want Them Back.
  3. Lend-able Materials. We Used Them, We Liked Them, You Can Borrow Them & We Want Them Back.

To get the ball rolling here are some sites that I have found very helpful

For everything official in the Church it is good to go to the source.

The Franciscans have a very good media presence here:

The Jesuits have always been first rate in education and here is one of their many sites:

For TV, Radio, Podcasts and Current Events Canada’s own Salt + Light can’t be beat:

If you have something to share send the info to me and I will put a list together.